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OYO Townhouse Hotel Jacksonville AR

We would consider it an honor to be your selection of affordable hotels near Clinton Presidential Library or perhaps your top pick of hotels near Julius Breckling Riverfront Park. Also nearby are The Old Mill and plenty of dining choices. Go a bit further and you can experience Dupress Park, Paradise Park, Splash Zone, Holland Bottoms State Wildlife Management Area, Indianhead Lake and the Jacksonville Museum of Military History. Each of these places offers you something to do and something to see that you won’t find anywhere else – and each is a reason to stay with us and enjoy the convenience.


What’s to like about Jacksonville, Arkansas? Consider these things:

Local restaurants can provide you a great experience that’s better than the chain places, and there are many here from which to select.

Family-run shops around you offer low prices, unique selections and experiences you can’t get anywhere else you may travel.

Everything Little Rock has to offer is close at hand when you stay with us – and the prices in this smaller town are much more affordable.

The natural beauty of this great state surrounds you when you stay anywhere in Arkansas, and Jacksonville is no exception.


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